martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

The god made of ashes

All started with fire. life did. the universe did. There was nothing, and suddenly there was light, and with light, a fire. The born of the first star.

And the flame of the first star, its flame become God. A God made of light, made of love and hope. A God that was here since the very beginning of the universe.

It loved everything. It loved the clusters of stars. The whole emptiness between the planets. The light itself. It loved all the order made in the middle of the chaos.

And life appeared in order to fight harder the chaos. For a short time, but harde. And God also loved life as much as it loved the universe made before.

He carried his hope to meet life and to life to meet it. But life didn’t know about gods. So life was made of bacterias. And they were fighting for surviving in the vast universe.

And god was as alone as before. But it was no reason to be alone.

So life continued to evolve. Time passed and those who look like us appeared.

We appeared in the chaos. And we couldn’t understand the universe. So we made gods of the things we couldn’t understand. But there was one true god, and our prayers were not made for it.

God was even more alone than before. And the loneliness, the oblivion, killed it.

Because when we realized of the truth. Our god was not made of flames anymore, but ashes.

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  1. Our god was not made of flames anymore, but ashes. Muy lindo. :)
    Escribe más, jo. Tu blog te necesita.